26Jan12 Luke talking to Cioca

This is Luke on the phone talking to Cioca – I was just taken with all of the expressions and the pure delight he takes in talking to someone who lets him be silly and talk as much as he likes. A mom told me that she loves getting her son together with Luke because he is one of the most conversational kids she knows, and it does her son so much good keeping up with Luke. He is most definitely an extrovert, and could have a class/playdate/field trip every single day of the week, even as his mom is begging for a day at home to recharge her batteries. He thrives on as much playtime with other kids as I can arrange for him, and I do my best, but it can be tiring to be out all day every day with kids. His brothers aren’t as talkative or extroverted as Luke is  – Chance is an extrovert I think, but not to the extent of Mr. Social Butterfly. Jack is definitely an introvert, but is happy to play with Luke at home in small doses – but between me, Daddy, Grandma, and the brothers, we manage to provide enough company at home to keep him happy (albeit tired parents). Still, talking to Cioca for an hour (or more) just makes his day, nothing like a interested and loving audience!

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