24Feb12 – Titus Andronicus

This is a picture of Chance with some of his friends from BAGHS getting ready to take BART up to Berkeley to attend a showing of Titus Andronicus at the Berkeley Rep (actually, it was at another theater in Berkeley, but the Teen Night Council at the Rep organized it). Chance has been attending plays at the Berkeley Rep by going to the Teen Night, which means not only does he pay 10$ for a ticket to the play (as opposed to 40-80 dollars), he gets to go with friends and have food provided for free. It has turned out to be a wonderful thing, because Mr. Chance is not the most fiction oriented kid in the world, and this has been a painless way for him to see works of literature and play-writing on the stage, something I would normally have to drag him into seeing. Even as a young boy, he much preferred works of non-fiction and that continues today, with lots of history and politics reading. He sometimes goes by himself up to Berkeley, sometimes with a friend (like Keenan if they catch ride over from the peninsula, I don’t go with him (Daddy was picking him up at night when it was all over, but now he seems to be comfortable to taking BART back in the evening too). You are supposed to be in 9th grade/14 years old, but I might sneak Jack in the fall, since he has always enjoyed plays, and hopefully this program will be around when Luke is a teenager, since he would definitely love it! And can I just add that the older kids didn’t give Luke one bit of grief for habging out with them? Homeschooled kids just naturally accept that kids of different ages can hang out with each other (although teens do like their space too), which is something I’ve come to appreciate, since younger kids look up to older ones and love being with them.

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