26Feb – Daddy and Luke puppets

Luke playing with the original puppeteer! I videotaped this more than took pictures because I didn’t want to distract Luke and stop him from playing. It is ironic, Luke never wanted to play with stuffed animals or even the puppets when he was a baby, but in the last few years, he started playing with puppets more and more, until now, a rare day goes by without even a few minutes of playing with his puppets. None of us are very good at coming up with the creative stories and plot lines like Luke can, but he really doesn’t care about your ability, he just wants you to be a good audience and an enthusiastic puppeteer. Since we already had quite the menagerie of puppets even before Luke was born  (Uncle Frank was a big fan of the Folkmanis puppets, which really are the best, and not only did we get some of his puppets, I started buying them as well. I even have my very own turtle puppet from them), with all of the puppets and stuffed animals Luke has gotten for presents and treats, he can pretty much put on any play with any animal character he can think of. I winnowed out some of the stuffed animals about 4 years ago, but thank goodness I kept every single Folkmanis puppet we had because they are getting used now!

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