4-H activities this month – March 2012 (JMG and Poultry meetings)

Junior Master Gardening – another month, another JMG meeting. We meet at the Roosevelt School community garden, where we have two plots, and while it can be challenging to keep the kids focused on gardening and botany (outside? plants and grass? Playtime!), it is an ideal place to have a gardening project; we used to meet in a room at the library for JMG, but there is nothing like being able to go and find different kinds of leaves for a leaf hunt, or flowers that are turning into seeds (fava bean pods). It brings it all to life. I did let too many kids in the project, I think if I do gardening again next year, I will limit it to 5-6 kids, 10+ kids is just too many to keep focused sometimes. They are all between the ages of 6 and 7 years old, and homeschooled, so they haven’t learned how to sit quietly for two hours, which I don’t think is a bad thing (at all), but it keeps me on my toes trying to find hands-on activities that will keep them occupied and interested for the meeting. Our garden plots are small and already filled with plants and seeds that we have started, so we can’t spend all of the time planting (they love doing this), and for some reason, kids only have the patience to weed for about 5 minutes before they wander off to do something else. A mom suggested maybe taking a break in the middle, which we did for the last meeting, and this actually helped  a lot in letting them blow off some steam and not running around the garden quite so much when we went back to work. I will say though, that Luke is very much like Chance and Jack in that he is very mature for his age in comparison with other kids his age, and while he is just as eager to run off and play instead of doing something “boring”, he tries to accommodate his poor old mother and cooperate. He has been sitting quietly and patiently at our 4-H club meetings (sometimes 2 hours long) for the last 2 years (unless one of his best friends A is there – he likes to talk) which just astounds me, I have problems sitting there quietly and patiently, thank goodness for knitting!



 These are from the Lego Engineering project meeting: they built Lego hammers for the NASA space program where the hammers always hit with the same amount of force every time – harder than it sounds!

Poultry – this was just a quick meeting to work on the posters for the SPCA Adoption Fair (see post) at the house. We wanted to have some educational posters about how you shouldn’t just buy a chick at the pet store for Easter without doing your research and a lot of preparation.


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