31Mar12 SPCA Adoption Fair

The City of Oakland and the SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) run a shelter for dogs and cats (and other animals) along with a low-cost spay and neuter clinic for dogs and cats (we just had one of our backyard feral kittens spayed last month for free) so we were all delighted to help out when they asked us to do a information booth about chickens for their Easter Adoption Fair. They want to bring people in to see the animals available for adoption, while at the same time giving rescue groups a place to share information about their organizations, and of course an Easter Egg hunt (which involved having to answer questions about animals before you could get your candy). There were tables for “Ratty Rescue” and “Bunny Rescue” as well as other shelters,  so we fit right in with our chickens and posters. Luke and his two friends had a ball walking around doing the Easter Egg Hunt and various other activities (making a bracelet out of recycled paper beads), although I had to play “Mean Mama” and tell them they couldn’t be running around playing hide-n-seek, since families were trying to walk around and see all of the animals available for adoption. But once they calmed down, they were fine. One funny thing that did happen was that one of the members was talking to the Bunny Rescue people and happened to casually mention that his family raises rabbit for meat, and the next thing we knew, Elizabeth (I’s mom) was getting a visit from one of the shelter people to please not talk about it with the rescue people! She had already told her son to not do that (she saw the shocked looks on the women’s faces), but it was rather funny. The woman from the shelter didn’t have any problems with her raising meat rabbits (you do have to feel dogs and cats meat), but she didn’t want to upset people. Anyway, it is always nice to do a 4-H booth where you get lots of visitors and questions, and we did, especially little kids who seemed to be quite interested in the chickens and petting them.

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