3May12 – Luke running for Mayor and the Performance!

 The last day of Thinkering Day: not only was Luke running for mayor of his Kidizens class in the morning, it was also the performance of Comedy of Errors for all of the parents and friends that afternoon! Kidizens was the morning class all semester, where the kids spend their time not only building Lego Town Halls, hospitals, army bases (one of the other moms told me that Luke argued long and passionately for the need for a military for their village, for defense and to keep the peace, and he won all of the kids over) and much more. Then, once the structures were made came the much harder job of deciding how to govern their village, name, taxes, water and power, and much, much more. The last class were the elections, and all of the candidates needed to give a speech and present their campaign poster before everyone voted. Of course, when Luke had given me the handout describing the elections, and how the kids needed to make a poster last week, I had promptly placed the sheet of paper down on a seat in the car and forgot about it, until the morning of the last day, when I discovered a sheet of paper on the floor of the backseat as we were getting ready to leave, and read it, realizing to my horror that we had one car ride to make a poster for him! I ran into the house, grabbed a large sheet of paper (10X`18 inches that I had brought years ago so the kids could make art pieces on nice large sheets of paper), a box of markers and a huge clipboard so the boys could write and draw. With a little help from Jack and Walden (we were bringing Walden with us to KJ Co-op to introduce him to Kaizen and see if the boys would be interested in doing a film group all summer together), Luke cranked out a great poster and finished it in just the nick of time! Grandma was also with us (to attend the play), and so she stayed with Luke during Kidizens and took some pictures for me.

This is the top half of his campaign poster: “Doctors have to treat everyone even if they can’t pay” and “Plant more trees”More from his campaign poster: “A town hall” and “Kepp the same”, which means keeping the Town Hall the same (must have been some developer trying to change things!)The kids waiting to hear from the different candidates.This is Luke explaining his campaign poster, and why he should be mayor (he was the only one running, but still!)

I don’t think this was the announcement of Luke winning mayor, but I think they are all listening to the results of the campaign here. Luke did indeed win mayor, and even though this was the last official class, we did return to Belmont the next week for a wonderful field trip to the Belmont City Hall, where Luke got to oversee a City Council meeting with a real mayor and much, much more (see next post).

These are some of Luke’s favorite friends from Thinkering Day

Looking at some of their Lego “City” structures – this class was all about the kids governing their own village of Lego structures.

And then finally, the performance! The kids had spent 13 weeks practicing their lines and stage instructions for their parts in the Comedy of Errors. Yes, that Comedy of Errors from Shakespeare, albeit with a much shortened script but all actual lines from the play. Luke played the part of Dromio of Syracuse, one of the twin slaves in this tale of mixed up identities, and while he complained about having to memorize the lines (I learned my lesson from last time and record myself speaking all of the lines on my iPhone so he could listen to it over and over again), he has no problem getting up in front of people and performing (not a huge surprise), so he was pretty excited about the actual performance itself. This first picture is of him posing with his friend Alex (his twin), and they were both very happy with the costumes I had made for both of them, under strict instructions from the two of them on color, design and even how to make the pouches, all color coordinated of course.

Luke was Dromio of Syracuse in their production of Comedy of Errors, and he is here with Alex, who was Dromio of Epheus.The play went very well (Daddy even made it from work in time), and if you would like to see the play in its entirety, just click on the link:

Performance of the Comedy of Errors

Afterwards was a potluck and plenty of playing and talking before heading home after such an exciting day.


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