1-3June2012 Camp Augusta

This is fast becoming one of the favorite things the boys get to do with their dad every summer, taking off to Auburn to attend Camp Augusta, a family camp up in the Sierras with a large group of kids from one of our homeschooling groups. This year was even better than the first time they went, because there was no rain, and the temperatures weren’t too hot either, which makes for even more fun. I don’t have a lot of pictures of the older boys, since they spent most of their time doing activities with their friends away from John and Luke, but I do have some great pictures of Luke getting to play with Elena and climbing what looks like a Really High Rope Ladder, wow! Some of the other activities included archery, a trampoline, swimming and boating, campfires and sing-alongs every night and much more. I take this opportunity to stay home and get a few quiet days to myself, and although I do start to miss all 3 of the boys and Daddy by the second day, I do enjoy the alone time very much. Grandma was around as well, but since she was doing flowers at church, I didn’t see to much of her either. All in all, they come home very tired and very happy, there is nothing quite like being out in the woods (but all the food is provided and cooked for you, so it is much easier than camping) with friends, it really is a marvelous adventure for them all. I just filled out the paperwork and the check for next year’s trip, it has gotten so popular in our group, there is a waiting list now!

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