2Aug2012 BAGHS Parkday in Belmont

Just some more pictures from a summer parkday I organized for Luke so he could play every week during the summer while Thinkering Day was on hiatus. I opened it up to everyone in our homeschooling group, and by the end of the summer, we had quite the parkday going; Belmont is pretty central to a lot of families, and so we had a good number of people showing up most weeks. Today, Luke got to play with some of his favorite friends, as you can see in the pictures. That large brick structure you see is a barbeque pit, and while we were there at a previous parkday, some men put in a new grill lift which allows you to raise and lower the grill to adjust the distance from the fire. What they didn’t count on was a bunch of curious kids figuring out that the grill can lift kids too! I was quite worried about them breaking it, but just asked them to only lift one kid at a time, and to be careful. I was sure people from the city of Belmont were going to come back and find the kids playing with it and being upset, but we got lucky, no visit from stern adults to ruin our fun.



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