7Aug2012 Luke with Coal

 A few pictures of Luke holding his Black Australorp, who is named Coal. Luke is so very good about going out to visit his chickens every day, and he also tries to hold them a lot, in preparation (maybe) for the Poultry Judging and Showmanship contests at the Alameda County Fair in June, where 4-Hers show off their chickens for judging. The caveat of course, is that chickens are not naturally inclined to stand in one place quietly while strange people poke and prod at them, not to mention the audience of people watching and talking too. So the kids need to practice with their chickens beforehand and get them used to being held and quietly stand in one place for an extended amount of time. Luke hasn’t done too much work with them getting to stand in one place, but they are used to being held, especially on their backs (like in the pictures), because this has the strange effect of almost instantly quieting and calming down any chicken. I don’t know if it is because they are almost never in this position (chickens roost when they sleep, so they are balancing upright on the pole), so it is such a strange position for them, they automatically go in quiet mode, but it really works.

Coal in the batch of chicks that Luke got from Mill Valley Chickens back in May 2012, which also included 2 Turkens, a Barnevelder, and of course, Coal below. One of the Turkens ended up being a rooster, so we took him up to Santa Roas to a feed store (Western Feed), which buys roosters and resells them, since people up in that part of Northern California can have enough land to have roosters without bothering their neighbors. It was quite the sound to see all these cages of roosters crowing at each other as we walked over with Luke’s rooster, I am not too sure how the neighbors nearby (it is in the town proper) like the noise, although I did notice that the roosters were in a metal shed outside, I wonder if the noise is stopped by the metal? Anyway, we dropped off the rooster, shopped at the store for some more feed for the new batch of baby chicks, and then had lunch out and stopped at California Carnivores, which was quite the treat (http://www.californiacarnivores.com/) for me, a carniverous plant fan!

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