8Aug12 Working Environmental Booth all together

Just a few pictures of all three boys working the Plastic Eliminators booth at the San Leandro Farmer’s Market – Luke also enjoys doing this thoroughly, he is a total people person, and Chance doesn’t mind it too much either. Jack is more of an introvert, but always does his duty, and when a person gets interested in the recycling questions, he warms up a little and can get quite involved in discussing the issues. The best part of the day, however, is being able to go and buy a dinner from one of the food vendors after they are all done. They get either grilled steak sandwiches or a teriyaki chicken meal, and I have also gotten some rotisserie chicken from a truck called Roli Roti, which grills the chickens right in the truck behind the little counter, and then they use thedripping grease to flavor and roast potatoes as well. Yum!

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