22Sept12 Chance’s First Tournament and Luke’s Double Tooth Incident

Today was a very big day for Chance (and Daddy too, since he volunteered to judge at the event), since it was the first official forensics tournament of his career. It was a Congress Tournament, which seems to be a little used category of debate, since none of the kids at James Logan specialize in it, but rather the coaches have all of the kids take part. Chance was extremely nervous (the above picture is at the start before he had done anything, he just looks so tense) about his first event, but he did well enougfh to win a plaque, which was very reassuring to him and his parents too. John ended up having to drive him to the high school so Chance could meet the other kids on the bus by 6:15 am (it turns out the BART trains don’t run that early on Saturday), while he drove out to San Ramon to help judge (next time, Chance will arrange to go with Dad). I had spent the week getting Chance a black suit, some nice black shoes and a tie and new white shirt for the big day (Logan requires all of the debate kids to wear a black suit for tournaments), and I think the final result looks pretty good.

 While Chance and Daddy were away all day – since it turns out that they don’t really let family and friends watch the proceedings, so we wouldn’t have been able to cheer Chance on – Jack, Luke and Mama spent the day relaxing, doing laundry and housework, homework, playing and being at home. At about 11 am, Luke started crying for me and when I found him, he was crying and very upset about the fact that he had swallowed his very loose tooth. He was very worried he would need to go to the doctor or hospital, but he calmed down when I told him that it was okay, he would just pass it in a few days and it shouldn’t hurt him. I made a joke about the tooth fairy needing evidence, but then told him she would understand. He had another loose tooth on the bottom row, but that one seemed a few days away from falling out, so we didn’t worry too much about that one.

Once Daddy and Chance got home, the boys decided to try out a local cheesesteak place so Chance could celebrate doing well at his first tournament and getting it over with. When they returned home, I looked and noticed Luke had both teeth gone from the bottom row, and when I asked him where the second tooth was, he exclaimed, “I swallowed that one too!”. He laughed this time, and true to form, the tooth fairy was indeed understanding.

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