18Jan13 My living room…or a playroom?

This is Luke working hard with his hollow blocks (so called because they are very big and hollow at the same time to keep the weight down) to make a store for his customers. This is in the middle of the living room floor, which also has a card table up (in background) because we are going through a puzzle phase in the family right now, not to mention all of the Legos from Christmas in various states of building – it is a wonder I don’t kill myself walking through my own living room! I need to argue with Luke in order to get him to clean things up so I can do a workout tape, but he did it willingly the other day so he could do one with me (medicine ball workout). In any case, he didn’t get to play store owner yesterday, so it is still in the living room waiting for us. I got busy yesterday making vegetarian sandwiches for the debate tournament going on at Logan this weekend, there is always tonight.

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