7Feb13 OurThursday routine…

Another Thursday, another drive to Belmont,another Thinkering Day
and another KJ co-op. it is all good, although it was a cold and
rainy day this morning, which made it a little harder to get going.
But we did, and I am now sitting in the community center (free
wireless) writing this blog post. Luke is in the afternoon session,
which is a Native American/nature studies class, and today they are
making homemade rope from dosbane, like the Native Americans did in
this area hundreds of years ago, along with grinding holes into
pieces of soapstone to make beads. He ground the holes with a long
and sharp piece of wood, and then used a harder rock to grind away
the outer edges. The rope/string was made by Luke too! Jack and Kai
are starting on the Aeneid by Vergil, and you can see them in the
picture working on a mind map of Book 2. Mind mapping is just using
colored markers or pencils to draw out a diagram using arrows,
words and pictures to outline or analyze a piece of text. I was
surprised by how enthusiastically they took to it, I should have
started them on it years ago!










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