9July13 Day With Cioca.

See title. Jack and Luke are gone, up at the cabin, and so I’m mercifully alone, free for whatever shenanigans I wish. There were a few things I needed for camp, so Cioca and I had a day out. It is incredibly hard to find men’s water shoes in my size. Then to lunch; a small sandwich shop outside of Allegan that happens to have the best, and only, pasties I have ever eaten. On the way back, we pass a Moose lodge; the sign reads, in part, “BAND: TRACTOR ZOMBIES.”


There are few things very much nicer than spending time with my family, even if some of them try to pay for everything and spoil me rotten. If Cioca always got her way, I’d never do any work and would weigh a few dozen pounds more. Surely, a horribly tragedy.

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