14July – We get rid of Chance

So today we went up to Ann Arbor to drop Chance off at camp and pick some things up for grandma. The people for camp said they we could drop Chance off anytime between 12 and 6 so we stopped at Zingerman’s for sandwiches to take home first. When we got there they were a little disorganized and Chance didn’t get an M card which let’s him in and out of the buildings and up and down the elevators. We found Chance’s dorm though, not sure if he has a roommate. We stopped at the Trader Joe’s to get some stuff for grandma to eat and went back to Taylor. Luke and I went swimming for a while and Uncle Bernie came over for dinner. Dad and aunt Kelly ran back to Ann Arbor to give Chance some things he forgot like his pillow and blanket.


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