July 18th – Back to Cioca

Everyone but me was up pretty early, to pack up an leave but I go up late and as grandma said “you made us late jack”. Luke was tired in the morning:

But we got out of the house a little after 10. Karen came with us which was nice and grandma was feeling better than when she first got to Detroit. Grandma made me take a picture of a truck with Michigan colors on it:

It was a pretty uneventful trip, I’m sure you can guess what Luke was doing:

20130720-180142.jpg and of course I was sleeping for more than half the ride, don’t think I missed much. We got there late afternoon and it was good to get there, not better than Taylor but different. Grandma and Karen didn’t stay long:

20130720-180728.jpgand after they left we went shopping for food. Dad and Chance had used up a good amount of stuff, they even left us a loaf of bread from Salt of the Earth but Chance forgot about his Braston pickle. We got to bed pretty early after figuring out where Luke was going to sleep.


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