July 19th – Day at Maureen’s

We had gotten everything we needed at the store yesterday but we went out to the library to get some books:

20130720-181709.jpg. They are still working hard trying to fix the roof but it looks like they are making progress. Luke picked out quite a few books for him and Cioca to read and they even had a few I would enjoy. Like usual we didn’t have any other plans but we called up Uncle Paul but they had Brook for the weekend. We called Maureen because it was her last day off and she said she would pick us up at Cioca’s so Cioca wouldn’t have to drive through all the road work. She picked both of us up late afternoon and we stopped at her mom’s house to show us the log cabin. It was all done by hand and it’s very large, there’s even a fireplace inside made with big stones and something like mortar. We tried going back to Maureen’s house but the way we tried was blocked by a fallen tree so we went back to m89 and took that. The amount of work they’ve done was amazing:

but you can still make it through. We went inside because it’s Ben horribly hot here and Luke and Maureen played on the piano:


And Luke liked the shadow box with the police gear:

20130720-182349.jpg and no trip to Maureen’s would be complete without playing darts:

It had cooled off a little so we took a walk around the back of Maureen’s property:

20130720-182648.jpg and we found an old hunting stand:

After the walk we ate and then went to the local park to run around:


By then it was getting pretty late so we went back to Cioca’s which is when we talked to mom and dad on Skype. A few minutes after we got off it started to rain a little, then it started to thunder and rain pretty heavy, Maureen left when there was a little pause but when we talked to her the next morning she had had to stop twice because it was hailing and raining.

Ps, lots of pictures this time, and sorry for being late with the blogs.


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