21July13 nailing down subfloors and clearing hallway

John and I brought a big roll of Ditra on Friday, and all of a sudden, tiling downstairs became a reality! We can’t spend that much money on construction materials and not use it, right? We re going to start tiling in the front foyer, so we spent yesterday (and will today) clearing everything from hallway and foyer, which also means generating a lot of stuff for St. Vincent de Paul – Grandma’s truck is getting full – and moving things into the dining room. The floor in the dining room isn’t quite finished yet, but the real news is that the oxalic acid treatment worked wonders, and the two big black-stained areas (we think from the metal feet of the chairs over the last 10 years) are almost all gone, and it really looks much better and more uniform. The floor isn’t perfect, because it isn’t 100% dried yet and this looks darker than it will later, but if you compare to my previously posted pictures, you can see that the dark blotchy areas are gone. I will need to do two more coats of tung oil and solvent, and then a few coats of the finishing oil/varnish, but in the meantime, we need to be able to move things in there to start on tiling, so it will have to be done piecemeal. The white haze you see is the moisture affecting the tung oil that was already on the floor, once it is 100% dried and another coat put on, it will be gone.




John working on nailing down old subfloor before putting down new plywood – he had to go under house twice to be sure he didn’t nail into the radiant heat!




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