July 23rd – Trip to Saugatuck

So on our list of things we wanted to do when we were in Michigan and one of them was to go to Saugatuck. There are quite a few things to do in Saugatuck but Luke wanted to try and go on the dune buggy rides. We called Neil and he said he would want to go so we drove over to his house to pick him up. On the way to his house we saw something you don’t see often in California:

Saugatuck wasn’t as busy as when we drove through it with dad but there were still a good amount of people there. Luke didn’t really care about it but I always find the sign at the dune buggy ride funny:


When had Cioca had called a few days ago the dune buggy rides had said there would be about an hour wait, when we got there they said we would have to wait at least two and a half hours. None of us really wanted to wait that long so we went into Saugatuck proper. If Luke wasn’t able to go on the dune rides we wanted to go on the duck. We went on it last time we were in Michigan and it’s a big amphibious truck that rides around Douglas and Saugatuck. It was still an hour wait because it runs every hour:

It doesn’t have a lot of leg room but view is nice and the driver still tells silly jokes:

We looked around the shops a little and headed back to Neil’s house. Neil of course had another new project he was working on, this time it was washing machine engines to power small cars. He hasn’t build the cars yet but he does have a few engines:

Luke had fun playing around with those. Then we headed on home.


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