July 25th – Trip to south haven

I know we’ve been eating out quite a bit but at least we’ve been ok about what we eat at restaurants. Every time we go to Michigan we go to Clementines at least once. Aunt Connie, Neil and Grandma ginny all came and we got there a few minutes before it opened because otherwise you can’t get in, looks pretty much the same:

We had a good lunch and the onion rings were wonderful as always. After lunch we walked over to an antique shop to browse. I found a board game for chance but it was a little big:

Didn’t get anything there but there were quite a few antique shops in town, at the next one Neil found some House of David memorabilia. I guess Neil had worked on some of the trains and midget autos there so he got a plate and a pencil, I also saw an inspector gadget action figure:

We made a quick stop at the local book store just to check it out and found a book or two. Neil and Connie headed back and Grandma and us walked around a little more. Other than that we had a quiet day at home, Luke did more reading and he’s been getting better.


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