July 30th – Dune Buggy Ride

Normally we have cereal or Luke makes eggs for himself but today everyone was up at a decent time so Luke made eggs for everyone. They were very good eggs, Luke did his special eggs with bacon mixed in. Because it was a nice day and pretty much the only one this week, we set out for the dune buggy rides right after breakfast. We got there at 11:15 and it was only an hour wait, I say only an hour because the last time we tried it was 2 1/2. Our driver was very nice, he was a 3rd grade teacher as Cioca found out when she talked with him. Some of the views from the dunes are very good:


And we got the classic picture at the top of the biggest dune:


It was a pretty smooth ride until we got into the forest. The truck ahead of us has stopped to talk about something and they couldn’t get it started again, a repair truck had come and when they tried to start it up again it caught on fire. It was a pretty good fire, the carburetor was burning and everyone jumped out:

After about 6 guys pushed it out of the road they sent another truck to pick everyone up. It was a pretty exciting ride and after Luke wanted to sign the “Survivor Book”. We didn’t want to do anything else in Saugatuck so we went over to grandma’s to see if she wanted to come to lunch. While we were driving over I saw a car get off the freeway with someone that looked like Jerry inside. When we got to grandma’s she said Jerry would be coming any minute and the car I thought was him turned out to be him. We left right away and went to the grill. One of the things left on our to-do list was to eat on the gliders at the grill, today was a perfect day to do it. They are pretty comfortable:


We had a nice lunch and stopped at Shopko on the way home to look for another pair of cargo pants for Luke. Aunt Maureen came over while she was heading over to her mom’s house and like shows off his helicopter:

Then we took a walk and went over to the park.


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