9Aug2013 getting kitchen filled in…

I spent most of the morning getting grout color samples and trying to figure out which one to order, but I did finally start on some tiling – mainly filling in the right side of the kitchen:



Yesterday was “take John to the airport day” and then I came home and measured and cut tile. I didn’t do any tile setting because my fingers and hands needed a break (the fingertips get numb from leaning I think). I also did a coat of paint on Chance’s bed – almost done! – and then relaxed.

Wednesday (Aug 7th) was the left side:


So, now I need to finish up 3 more larger areas, and then the rest is measuring and cutting the tile for the edges, which is slower than you might think, especially corner cuts. I had to use a paper model for two corner cuts yesterday, it is just too hard to do with a measuring tape. I’m getting good at using the saw however, no more screechy bits when the water doesn’t cool the blade enough and it overheats! The nozzles are working better and I go slow with moving the tile, that seems to be key as well.


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