August 7th – Day with Jeff

Jeff was coming to Michigan today to visit people and the cemetery. Aunt Karen, Grandma, Luke and I came out to the cemetery with Uncle Bernie, Jeff and his family at about 10:30. We got there a little later than Jeff and had time to walk around a little bit. We said the rosary with Jeff and Uncle Bernie and Jeff put some flowers at Jane and Larry’s graves. When we were done we headed over to uncle Bernie’s to hang out for a bit. Just as we were getting out it the car it started to rain, it didn’t last long but it was a pretty heavy rain. Grandma, Jeff and his wife went into uncle Bernie’s basement to look at pictures and some old things he was keeping, they must have went through everything he was keeping down there because it took them quite a while. We went to independent dairy with everyone before going to aunt Verna’s. She had John-Paul and Jacob for the day so Luke played with them and aunt Karen went over to her friend’s house which was two houses down from Verna’s. I played euchre with uncle Bernie, aunt Verna and grandma, it’s an interesting game and I’m not sure I know the strategy yet but we had fun. Jeff headed back to ohio but we had planned to go to dinner at Anton’s which was a place uncle Bernie knew. Before dinner uncle Bernie wanted me to come to his house to try and figure out his printer. We drove to his house and everyone else was going to drive with aunt Verna, Kelly and Gray were going to meet us at the restaurant. Fixing the printer didn’t take long and we went over to the restaurant. The food was good but the service was very slow, don’t know why. Since Luke wasn’t going to see too much more of Wyatt we went over to Gray’s house to play. We got back at a somewhat reasonable time but we went to bed early because tomorrow was cedar point.


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