August 28th – Play at the Berkeley rep

Like most days this week we had some grouting to do, we finished most of the back office but had a small strip to do. We’ve been getting better at grouting, mom puts the grout down and everyone who is home helps wipe up the grout on the tiles. Mom had gotten Chance and me tickets to this play quite a while ago and I had almost forgotten about it. She got them so early because it had both Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in it, it was only 4 actors total and the others were also somewhat well known. Chance and I took Bart over to Berkeley early to get dinner and be early for the play. We got there and went over to a restaurant right next to the Bart station, when we were done it was still around 45 minutes till we could go to the play so Chance and I walked around Berkeley and looked around in some stores. We got into the play about 15 minutes before it started and it was completely packed by the time it started. You can’t take pictures while the play is being put on but we took one outside with the poster:


The play was by Harold Pinter and the actors were amazing and it was funny but the overall plot line was a little weird. It was really cool seeing Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen on stage at the Berkeley rep and was totally worth going.

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