Back from Michigan, and things afterwards.

It’s been just about two weeks since our return from Michigan, and a befuddling variety of things has been happening.

Most important would probably be the continuing tiling process; much progress was made over the summer, but plenty of work remained when we got back, and over the past two weeks we’ve been busy with measuring and cutting tiles, laying tile, cleaning tile, grouting, and moving various pieces of furniture back into place. It’s been a long and difficult job, but at least we’ve got practice for when we decide to lay tile in the laundry room and bathroom upstairs. Having the house slowly moved back into shape has also been pleasant; the kitchen is back in order now, and we can finally cook properly again. Prior to that, we didn’t have a kitchen table, and could only cook with the microwave. I’ve been helping with most of the work; it’s certainly not my favorite activity in the world but it’s worth it to have everything done faster.

Second most relevant would be my various school things. About a week and a half ago I had my orientation day at school, a generally unpleasant pursuit where I stood in various lines, received various important papers, and lamented that my math textbook was so heavily worn. And then earlier this week, on Wednesday, it was back to school properly. Starting school on time was a good thing, as opposed to several days late like last year, but still a mixed experience. Debate is good, and I’m glad to be back with it, but other things are less good. I didn’t get into an honors math class, and as a result the class I’m in now is slow in introducing new material and I don’t like it very much. As well, Logan is still quite loud, crowded, and somewhat dirty, especially the bathrooms. I’ll have to deal with it. Also on the front of schoolwork has been my Latin class; an interesting mix between positive and negative qualities. Positive mainly because I don’t have to wake up at any particular time to attend class; I watch recordings. Negative because there’s useless busywork mixed in with the assignments that are actually valuable. But I’m in the class and determined to stay with it. There’s just no other good way to prepare for the AP exams. On that note, I’m taking four of the exams this year; I am either insane or determined but most likely the former.

I mentioned debate, but it’s worth talking about again; the year hasn’t begun and it’s already kicking into high gear, or at least higher gear than it was in at this point last year. I’m already signed up for a tournament in New York in mid-october, and more large tournaments are looming.

I went to a very nice play on Wednesday; I did not understand it at all, but it consisted of two actors whom I appreciate very much and two that I did not recognize drinking heavily and talking to each other in strong English accents for two hours. As I said, the plot was incomprehensible, but Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are good enough to easily make up for that. I enjoyed the play immensely.

There’s not honestly all that much else worth mentioning; the 4-H year has started up, but time constraints mean that I’ll have to focus on only a few projects, and the occasional piece of community service, and won’t even be able to attend club meetings. I haven’t seen a single one of my normal set of friends yet, but that’ll change tomorrow.

I’d prefer to still be having a relaxing summer right now, but things just don’t work that way.

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