12Sept2013 Things Continue.

Here I am, up past midnight doing my Latin work. Have I taken on too much, with debate and Latin and APs? Probably. Will I drop any of it? Absolutely not.

To be honest, things are going along much as they were a week ago. The various debate events are gearing up for the season to start, and the workloads have been heavy. My math class continues, and it’s getting more boring as I go along. How incredibly wonderful. Latin keeps piling absurd workloads on me, and I manage to finish them all. My other AP courses are starting up, and for once I’m not scared of them. I manage to find time for the occasional bit of fun these days, and then usually end up regretting stepping away from my work for a day, and then regretting that I’m so absurdly devoted to schoolwork that I don’t want to leave it for any reason. Yes, life these days is probably driving me insane, but I don’t really see any other way for things to go.

And as I said, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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