17Oct13 KJ Co-op Meeting

–We read out loud together Canto 14 from the Inferno, which was an interesting experiment, since we all agreed we enjoyed hearing/reciting it quite a bit, and it made more sense as well, or was at least easier to figure out what was happening when compared to reading it.
–we discussed Cantos 14 – 16, and also spent some time on two visual diagrams of Hell as imagined by Dante. The boys spent some time in making sure the artists had their circles straight, and debated about some of the figures the artist had added to one (looks like a dragon, but there are no dragons in Dante!)/ — we discussed their assigned poem, Twelve Dancing Princesses, by Anne Sexton (Twelve Dancing Princesses, Anne Sexton http://www.glastonberrygrove.net/reference/annesexton/poems/twelve.html) , but there wasn’t a lot of love for it. We talked about her using the plot from a fairy tale to illustrate wanting a different life, or ignoring responsibilities to have fun/live on the wild side. We also discussed the different people (insomniac, jet-setters, etc) she compares the princesses to, and the end result of the princesses’ partying (getting married), but not one of our favorite poems!
— we went over their sentence imitation work, as well as Kai’s paper about the Mason poem (excellent essay).

Homework for next week (24October13 meeting):

Homework to be done in preparation:
–have read Cantos 17 – 21 of Dante’s The Inferno, take notes, and be ready to present some questions for the others to answer (including me!). Jot down a quick summary of each canto.
–read the excerpt from Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried (I gave you a printout). We will be doing some sentence work together at our meeting, so no sentence homework this week.
–read a poem from Wordsworth: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/174796 called Lines* Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey on Revisiting the Banks of the Wye During a Tour, July 1, 1798. This is a long poem, so print it out, read it once or twice and then recite it out loud as well. We will work through it together on Thursday. It is a long poem, I know, but we can do it.

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