21Nov2013 Last Thinkering Day of Year

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Today was the last Thinkering Day of the year, and Luke and his friends had music to play, stories to share and a play to perform! These pictures were taken before we dropped him off, and he wasn’t feeling too cooperative about smiling, since he was feeling rather nervous about remembering his lines and the words to the 5 songs they had to sing. I got a little smile out of him in the end though!

The next pictures are of him sitting in the audience while his story was being read to everyone. He (and me!) was very nervous about whether or not everyone would like it, or maybe more importantly, would be scared by the story, but no fear, it was a hit. Here it is:

Once upon a time, there was a town and in that town there lived an old man. Next door to the old man lived a boy named Tom and his mother and father. They lived in a town in the middle of Wyoming, with flat plains surrounding them and a great city some miles away.

Every time the boy walked to school, he had to walk past this graveyard. One day as he was walking past the graveyard he heard a noise, it sounded like some living creature moving in the grass. Later that night, Tom heard something odd in the old man’s house, and looking out of his window which looked onto the old man’s house, he saw something shadowy dragging the old man to the graveyard. He ran downstairs and told his parents what he had seen, and his parents asked “What was dragging the old man?”. Tom answered “I don’t know, it was too dark to see what was dragging him”.

Tom and his parents went and got dressed, and went out with a flashlight to search for whatever had taken their neighbor. They looked around the graveyard especially but they didn’t see anything but a little tiny hole in the dirt in front of a gravestone.  A long time ago, there had been a couple with a little girl who had died at a young age, and she was buried under this gravestone with the hole next to it. They started to hear a “drip, drip, drip” and they looked around and shone the flashlight on the gateway, and saw blood dripping down from the sign. Then they started hearing moans coming from the other graves, and rustlings coming from under the ground, so Tom and his parents ran back to their house, closed and locked all the doors and windows so nothing could get in.

That night, they heard a lot of scratching at the windows and doors.  The next day, Tom walked to school as usual.  As he was walking past the graveyard, he noticed that the hole that they had seen last night was gone, the blood they had seen dripping from the sign was gone and all the moanings and rustlings were gone. Everything looked normal and quiet.  And then Tom sees a large hole appear on top of the little girl’s grave, so he opens the gate to the graveyard and walks over to the hole, very slowly and quietly. He looked down into the hole, and sees a giant cavern, with rocky walls and a smooth bottom, and a lot of bodies lying on the floor. He recognizes one of the bodies at the end of the row as the old man, his neighbor. He climbs down into the cavern, and runs over to the old man. He shakes his neighbor to try and wake him up, and the old man slowly wakes up, confused and tired, and doesn’t know where he is. Tom looks around and sees a little figure crawling towards him, and he recognizes it as being a very young girl. He looks in his pockets to see if he has anything to defend himself with, and finds a small pocketknife.

He takes it out and opens the blade, and he says to the little girl, “What do you want?”.
She replies, “You”.
Tom says, “What for?”.
She answers, “I want you for the same reason that I wanted these others, to keep myself alive.”

Tom throws his knife at the little girl and it hits her, making her fall to the ground and disappear. Tom pulls his neighbor out of the cavern and helps him back to his house.

The End

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We did take video of the play and stories and music, and John will post them in a few days (he needs to judge a tournament this weekend), but in the meantime, here are a few stolen shots from Luke, as Honest Abe:

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And finally, some group shots of all the kids – I am not too sure why my cropped photos don’t stay cropped when I import them into WordPress, though, I will have to work on that.

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