6Jan2014 Taking chickens to “Hen Hotel and Spa”

My cousin Doug, who lives in SF heard about how our chickens keep the weeds and other greenery in our backyard down to almost nothing, and wondered if we could somehow bring the chickens over for a few weeks to clear out some of his weeds and undergrowth. We thought, “why not?”, and brought over 3 of Luke and Jack’s chickens to see what they would do. Considering that our backyard isn’t growing too much with the drought that we are in, I thought they would quite love a backyard overflowing with greenery, things like oxalis and wild dill everywhere. Doug and the boys rigged up a temporary coop using an old cabinet he had ripped out and was just going to throw away (there are quite a few raccoons in the city – we saw an entire family when we left that night crossing one of the side streets near his house). Luke had a lot of fun figuring out to keep the door locked and rigging up a small roost for the ladies. 

They have been there for a few weeks now, and are doing a very good job of scratching up the dirt and getting rid of most of the weeds, so they will be coming home soon (Doug has a business trip coming up); I just hope they don’t mind coming back home to a sparser backyard! The queen of the flock (appropriately named Queenie – one of the Amarcuanas) got to go to San Francisco, so the chickens left behind at home have seemed a little more relaxed than usual, without having to fight for their favorite spots for dirt baths and other things. The politics of the flock will be very interesting to observe when the vacationing ladies come home.


I took some pictures of the brand new Bay Bridge (not the Golden Gate Bridge, but the bridge that connects Oakland and San Francisco) with its white buttresses and wire. I also took some pictures coming home, since it is all lit up and looks gorgeous (next post).


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