21Feb2014 Rainbow Looming Day

Our BAGHS Presentation Day was cancelled so I decided to use the reserved library room instead for a Rainbow Loom Day! Luke was first introduced to the Rainbow Loom at Na’Lea’s house and we went right from her house to Michael’s Crafts so he could buy himself a loom with his Christmas money. He set up all the tables and chairs by himself, and is eagerly waiting for some friends to come so he can loom. I also put in a pictures of the jewels he has made for me. 

What are Chance and Jack doing today? Chance was heading off to school, and Jack was sleeping when we left. He will get up, get some schoolwork done, and then he and Chance will head over to Nathan’s house for Anime tonight. Jack has a sleepover party tomorrow, and Chance is planning on heading to Max and Will’s house for a sleepover as well. And what will Luke be doing? Attending his very first practice as a member of the Minor A’s team, part of the San Leandro Little League! He’s very excited, and I will report back tomorrow from the field with lots of pictures.

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