1May2014 Twin Pines parkday – it must be summer!









As in the past, once Thinkering Day is over, we start up parkday at the Twin Pines park where we hold Thinkering Day, because Jack and I need to be in Belmont anyway for KJ co-op, and Luke loves getting to see his friends any chance he gets. We had to run to REI very quickly (one freeway exit from the park) to pick Daddy and the brothers another bowl, a pair of hiking pants for Jack (the lower legs zip off to make shorts), some really nice socks for Daddy and brothers, and finally, a pair of forest green sandals for Luke, who was delighted that the cheaper (and uglier) Teva sandals didn’t come in his size (men’s 7)!

Back to the park for some baseball and talking:

1May2014_TwinPines_parkday-6760 1May2014_TwinPines_parkday-6767









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