2-3May2014 Backpacking trip in Sunol

2_3May2014_Backpacking_Trip_Sunol-1459 2_3May2014_Backpacking_Trip_Sunol-1462









Backpacking trip! The boys and Daddy did this last year, and our friends talked them into doing it again – this time, they spent only one night, which meant Saturday and Sunday would be 10 miles each day, with about 3000 feet in elevation change, which is a difficult hike. Luke isn’t quite ready for it, so we stay home. The above pictures are the big boys checking their gear, and packing the night before. The pictures below show them heading up to the campsite the first day – Chance looks tired once they reach it! – and then some shots of the sunset and landscape.

2_3May2014_Backpacking_Trip_Sunol-02127 2_3May2014_Backpacking_Trip_Sunol-02130



2_3May2014_Backpacking_Trip_Sunol-021432_3May2014_Backpacking_Trip_Sunol-02155 2_3May2014_Backpacking_Trip_Sunol-02175 2_3May2014_Backpacking_Trip_Sunol-02177

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