8May2014 Walking and baseball

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When Luke had to describe some of his favorite things for his profile being made for the performers of Thinkering Day, he listed walking with the brothers and doing the Talking Game as one of his favorite activities, and here he is, doing just that. And then, once we got back from the library, we got ready to go and do his next favorite activity, playing on a baseball team – the coaches are having the kids take turns pitching to the opposing team, although the coaches then step in to pitch a few throws if the pitches were too wild.  08May2014_Luke_pitching_baseball_game-6846Pitching is08May2014_Luke_pitching_baseball_game-6856 08May2014_Luke_pitching_baseball_game-6847 08May2014_Luke_pitching_baseball_game-6848 08May2014_Luke_pitching_baseball_game-6849 08May2014_Luke_pitching_baseball_game-6850 08May2014_Luke_pitching_baseball_game-6851hard work!

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