10May2014 BaseballGame and Soldering with Daddy

The baseball pictures show the teams after the game is over: all lining up to hit hands and congratulate each other. You can see Luke at the very beginning of the line in the first picture, and then running back to the dugout. I like the emphasis this league puts on the kids having FUN playing baseball, encouraging each other to learn the finer points of defense and offense (even if that kid is on the other team), and demonstrating good showmanship. Luke thoroughly enjoys playing baseball, and he is showing enough skill that I don’t think it will be a problem for him to keep playing in Little League – there are tryouts at the beginning of the spring season, and while everyone who shows up gets put on a team, I am sure Luke will appreciate being a valued member of a team. He does tend to get very disappointed with himself when he doesn’t make a hit when he’s up, so we have been working a little bit on not discouraging yourself when things don’t go your way, but rather just focusing on the job that needs to be done, or the next task at hand. Thinking about how you feel about not making a hit takes away focus, and makes you feel bad there on the field, which does not help you be a better player. He took it to heart, and he doesn’t scowl quite as much when he doesn’t make a hit, but boy, he is so happy when he does and makes it to first base. Scoring is even more fun!

Once we got home, he and Daddy got out Luke’s robot that needs to be soldered together. Luke is a little scared of the soldering gun, but wouldn’t admit that to anyone.

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