03June2014 Inventing Cake

One of Luke’s very favorite things to do is to play in the kitchen, and invent new recipes, whether it be cake, bread, fried lunchmeat, whatever is available or seems fun. He also cooks with me sometimes, and can also make his own breakfast (he makes  delicious scrambled eggs) and lunch too. Today, he decided to try making his own cake, and he ended up making a concoction that was – strangely enough – between cake and bread. It was bready, but was also sweet and lighter than bread, or more cake-like. It still disappeared with two old brothers in the house! Oh, one last thing, you can also see his new apron that he picked out at the Williams Sonoma store when we were in San Francisco one day – it hangs in the kitchen just waiting…

03June2014 Inventing Cake-152703June2014 Inventing Cake_cropped-152803June2014 Inventing Cake-152903June2014 Inventing Cake-153103June2014 Inventing Cake_cropped-1530

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