27-28June2014 Heading up to Tahoe and Hiking, part one…

The Schwarzers have wanted to do a 15 mile hike up near Squaw Valley so they asked us if we wanted to head up and join them, and apparently we did. Chance wasn’t able to come since he had his debate camp (he was thoroughly disappointed that he was missing out on a 15 mile hike, not!), so the four of us headed up early on Friday to escape the traffic. Jack fell promptly fell asleep as he often does in the car – something about the road noise lulls him right to sleep, although I think he also stayed up too late playing on the computer – and Luke, Daddy and I listened to a story tape and talked. I didn’t get great pictures of Luke since I was aiming the camera over my shoulder, but he is only pretending to sleep here, he likes to do that. 

It takes about 4 hours of driving to get to the house, and if traffic is especially bad, even longer, but we did okay, even with stopping at the In-n-Out Burger in Davis for some burgers and fries (good thing we were hiking the next day to burn that all off). And the pictures of the sky and road are once we are past Auburn and actually heading up the mountain. Yes, the skies are really that blue, just gorgeous.

27June2014 Heading up to Tahoe-709927June2014 Heading up to Tahoe-710427June2014 Heading up to Tahoe-710827June2014 Heading up to Tahoe-711827June2014 Heading up to Tahoe-711527June2014 Heading up to Tahoe-7112



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