Luke reading Tintin for Cioca on phone

Luke is slowing but surely building up his reading stamina, and when he was on the phone with Cioca and she was wondering about how much reading he was doing, I suggested he read Tintin out loud to her, and he did! He still listens to hours and hours of audiobooks every single day – long chapter books usually – but he can now be seen reading the Far Side cartoon collections Tintin, and some Calvin and Hobbes. He doesn’t falter too much on the reading, I think he gets a little tired, but really, he has come such a long way in about a year and a half. I don’t do grade level testing too much, but I would guess he’s at the very least 5-6th grade level in reading, and he’s getting faster and more fluent every week. We are still working with the Dancing Bears from the UK (on second book) for remediation, as well as their Apples and Pears books, which focus on spelling and writing in a dyslexia friendly way. I also try and note all the words he misses in his reading practice and go over them using what I call the “visual billboard” technique from Seeing Stars: I show him the word very quickly, and then he needs to visualize it up in front of his forehead, and then spell the word from looking at it. This seems to cement the whole word in his brain, and I think it was one of the early techniques that allowed him to jump from sounding out words into reading more fluently. He never had a problem with his phonemes and knowing the phonics of letters/digraphs, it was moving past sounding out simple words that seemed to hold him back. 

 I’m so proud of him, I know it has been an awful lot of work for him, and he’s turning into a bookworm right before my eyes. He got off the phone with Cioca grinning, and told me very proudly that he was such a good reader, that Cioca was going to buy him anything he wanted the next time they are together in a store. Wow!

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