Chance – 8/17/14 – Seattle

These posts are going to be stream-of-consciousnesses, and I’m not paying the most serious attention to grammar. I won’t have pictures until I can get them off of my phone. 


We drove over this morning; there’s really nothing worth relating about waking up. I miss my laptop and my bed.

We drove through the Berkeley hills, it’s very foggy. Here’s some pictures of that.

Photo of glowing things. We got to OAK at about 5:10.

Still don’t have the firmest handle on why I agreed to go, but I think that feeling will pass by later today or by breakfast. Probably breakfast. There’ll be biscuits. It turned out that we didn’t get biscuits, but I didn’t mind that too much. 

The world is still asleep, so why should I be up?

We get to the airport. I get expedited screening, the others don’t. It’s fast and nice. I don’t have pictures of this, there’s really nothing too interesting about the interior of OAK and the crowds of people.

I ate some pork buns. They were cheaper than usual for airport food.

The plane’s a 737, larger than I expected for a short hop. I can see the condensation on the wing and the euphemistically-labeled “Sky Chefs” truck delivering food two flights over. That’s roughly all there is to say for the moment.

Scratch that, I see the food truck pulling away from our flight and a guy with the vest and the orange things. He’s waving them.

We spend a long time taxiing.

Plane takes off. Cloud cover looks wonderful.

The Central Valley looks dry. I could pay through the nose for mediocre in-flight snacks. That’s not what I’m about.

Plane lands. Flight was boring. SeaTac is a very nice airport; photo here. Looks like sfo on the outside. We follow the signs to glorious public transit. We’re on a train. Cleaner than Bart, I think.

I took some photos out the window. Everything about the trains and stations is vaguely familiar.

Things look different; not as much smog, not as much dirt.

Some interesting stops on the light rail line. Some photos here.

There are some two-story strip malls.

We get off at the wrong stop, walk around, really looks like San Fran. We walk over to the hostel and get that taken care of. Then out and looking around for breakfast.

Had a pleasant breakfast at a restaurant we happened to find; I had corned beef hash; I didn’t get pictures of the food. 

Pike place is impossibly crowded and busy, we mostly don’t even try. We’ll be there again tomorrow or early on Tuesday to get pictures, postcards, souvenirs.

We’re waiting in the hostel for our rooms to be ready, and then will head out to the city’s international district.

We get our room keys. Front desk mixes up the rooms for our two nights. Everything is taken care of relatively quickly, we’re about as settled in as it gets.

Food truck count is now 1. More Starbucks than any other city I’ve been to.

We went to the Seattle pinball museum. It was interesting. Spent about two hours there, got Vietnamese food afterwards.

We’re back at the hostel now, taking some time to relax a bit. May head out again for something, possibly not. 

Seattle has a lot of art. 

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