24Aug2014 Working on Makerspace projects for 4-H Open House

Luke and I decided just a few weeks ago to go ahead and do a Makerspace project for 4-H, and for the Open House (on Monday the 25th), we needed some example builds to show potential members just what being in Makerspace is going to be like, so Luke and Jack spent almost a week working on finding and then building a few projects. Makerspace is the idea of having kids (and adults) invent, tinker, build, create and just plain make gadgets, toys, whatever comes to the builder’s mind. Not only do you have to build something, you also have to problem-solve, think about the engineering of your object and tinker to make it all work. All of this, of course, is right up Luke’s alley, and the idea of building with a group of other kids sounds like pure fun to him. 

Anyway, he found two smaller projects to make, but then hit upon the idea of making a larger Lego ball contraption, one that would carry little balls up the belt, down and around and then back to the belt to make a circuit. It was more complicated, and took longer than the two little builds, but he and Jack had a lot of fun working together on it. The last few pictures show Chance (and Mama) being impressed by the final reveal of a working contraption. Luke was very proud of himself, and Jack too.

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