22Sept2014 Attending San Leandro City Transportation Meeting

One of the things 4-H encourages for its members is citizenship, and so I try to find opportunities for the boys to attend City Hall meetings and such. Sometimes the city of San Leandro does what is called Town Hall Meetings, where they bring officials and representatives to talk with citizens about various matters, and this time, it was a Transportation Town Hall. With traffic on our street being an issue (too fast and too much), I thought it would be an interesting event, and it was. We got to talk with people from BART and see pictures of the new train cars (current ones are 40 years old and they badly need to be replaced), the new greenbelt/bike pathway being planned for under the BART tracks in San Leandro, Hayward and Fremont, and our local bus service, AC Transit. We also heard from a San Leandro traffic engineer, who showed us why we need to put some money into improving and repaving our streets, since it takes far more money to patch and repair than it does to start with roads in great condition in the first place. Daddy even stopped by on way home from work to attend, which was nice too. They also had a raffle at the end of the meeting, and the main transportation guy from San Leandro asked Luke to pick the tickets – he was the only young child in attendance – which I think Luke could have done without, he looks pretty nervous. No prizes for us though, but isn’t it nice to see Luke reading a book when we were waiting for everything to start?



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