1Sept2014 Food of the Future?

Luke and I watched a science show about people raising and eating insects for food, and he saw the chef on the show with her boxes of mealworms just like we have, he decided that he needed to test this out. Yes, that means eating mealworms! We are raising them for the chickens (mealworms are like caviar, lobster and ice cream all rolled into one for our girls). So, here are the results of this experiment:

The moment of truth
Well, what do you think?
What does it taste like?
“I think I need to give it another try, I might have eaten too small of one”, so here he goes again!
A little more tentative this time…
Checking to see if this one is a bit more plump and juicy.
Tasting and thinking…

Still thinking…

His final verdict? “It tasted a little bland and a little custardy, but it wasn’t bad”.

A picture of the little worries…and yes, Luke ate them alive.

For the next few days, he did a few experiments with mealworms, cooking them alone, blending them into a smoothie and finally, cooking them with some eggs. He didn’t like them cooked with the eggs (I think he added too many), and that was the end of the mealworm fascination, thank goodness, I just couldn’t bear to try one myself!

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