30Sept2014 Heading to Harry Potter Class

Luke is doing a Harry Potter class this fall – every Tuesday from 9 am to 2 pm. Here is the description from the teacher:

Harry Potter Book Series Class Tuesdays from 9-2.  Making books come alive with creative hands-on learning activities including role play.

This class will be based on, “Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone.” Topics covered: Diagon Ally, Hogwarts Express,  wand making, creating an original name and house name, the Sorting Hat, care of magical creatures, charms class, transfiguration class, potions class, quidittch, herbology and the Sorcerer’s Stone Quest.

A sample class:  Each student will make wizard money- galleons, sickles, and knuts, and a pouch to put it in. As a class we will set up Gringotts and choose the parts of goblins and the wizards/witches coming to the bank.  Then we will act out the scene. The afternoon may be spent on more Harry Potter, gardening, cooking, role playing, story telling, or other activities that the class is drawn to as a group.

Headmistress, Mary Ellen Hill, MA, has been an avid fan since the HP books came out!  She has been a professional storyteller since 1990. She has co-led very successful camps and is the director of  FAD PAD playshops.  Mary Ellen also brings 30 years experience as a special and elementary education teacher and an after school day care teacher at Adventure Time.  She has been teaching Harry Potter classes and camps since 2010.  Her website is www.mehstories.com

I knew that he would love this class, and I was so, so right! He comes home happy and tired, and looks forward to his time at the teacher’s house. Here he is just as I am dropping off, and yes, that is the old Harry Potter cape I made for an older brother years ago. It is nice to see it being used and loved again.


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