04Oct2014 Boys making dinner together

The boys help out a lot with making dinner on a regular basis – it makes my job so much easier when I can ask Chance to cut up the onions, Jack to run to Safeway for some herbs and garlic and Luke to stir whatever is sauteing in the pan – but this time, Chance and Luke picked out a sweet and sour chicken recipe from the Big Red Cookbook (collected recipes from the Cooks Illustrated magazine) and cooked it completely by themselves, with a little help from Jack. I so enjoy being able to sit in the living room while dinner cooks, smelling the onions caramelizing and the chicken roasting, it was delightful. Of course it wasn’t a conflict-free night, Luke and Chance disagreed with how much to cook the chicken (it was a tad dry since Chance wanted to be sure the chicken was cooked thoroughly) and it turns out Luke doesn’t like real pineapple all that much. I promised Luke we would get some real calamari later in the week to make (one of his and Mama’s favorite dishes), and he was satisfied. Still, it was nice watching them cook together – I should have taken more pictures!


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