28Feb2015 Spring Training starts up

San Leandro Little League has started up again, and Luke has his first practice yesterday right down the street at the local school. Last year he was  on the A’s team, and this year, he is on the Yankees, which will entail buying new color socks and a hat. Luke needs new cleats anyway, the ones from last year are already too small (even though we brought them a little big – they aren’t inexpensive). He’s happy and excited to be playing baseball again, even though he was a bit tentative about doing it again when I asked him before Christmas (sign-up time). But the sun was mostly shining (it did rain later that afternoon), he had a new team and a coach who is encouraging and demanding at the same time, so life is good for a baseball loving little boy. Oh, but we need to start fitting in some practices on our own, he didn’t catch very many balls out in the outfield. He did however – after a bit of a warmup – start hitting ball after ball when it was his turn to bat (the very last one). Lots of grounders and a few hard cracks up into the air, potential homers later on.


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