12March2015 Thinkering #4

Benjamin joined Thinkering Day this semester, and since he lives about 10 min away from us, he comes into Belmont with us. He and Luke talk all the way into Thinkering (Minecraft, early school experiences and zombies!), have fun for 5 straight hours and then talk all the way home (perhaps with a touch less energy than in the morning since they are tired).

I didn’t get any pictures of Jack (still sleeping when we left) or Chance this morning, but Chance was deciding about entering the National Qualification  tournament this morning with me. I think he’s decided “yes” – it is another trip, but this is what he signed up for when he joined the debate team. 

Jack has finals coming up for his statistics and programming classes at Foothill, so I imagine he will be working and studying today. He will also take a walk with Aunt Karen (here for another week) and take care if the chickens for Luke. 

And even when we get home, Luke will have about an hour to eat and relax before he goes to baseball practice at 5:30 pm. Grandma will probably take him to let me stay home and work on my new QSS website (more on that later). Thy get their new jerseys today, not that Luke would dream of missing a baseball practice, he takes being on a team very seriously. 

And some pictures of Luke and Benjamin at cottage before Thinkering starts up. 

P.S. I was playing with some of the phone camera settings to make pics look like old Polaroids or transfer pics :-).  Kris

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