14March2015 Opening Day at Burrell Field

Aunt Karen and I are sitting in the bleachers waiting for the Opening Day ceremonies for Luke’s Little League baseball team. All the teams collect, have a little parade and pose for pictures. I can’t get a shot of Luke and his teammates because they are off on the side talking and preparing, but here is one of the empty field and me and Karen.

And then the teams started walking by with spectators clapping and cheering, and then all the teams arranged around the field. Luke got to carry the team banner but you can’t see him very well. John made it just in time – it has been a hard week for him at work (he got home last night at about 1:30 am and might need to go in on Sunday). He and Luke and Aunt Karen are now waiting for the K9 demonstration by the San Leandro Police Department and to see who won the raffles (a nice baseball bag!). Some more pics:

And finally, Grandma and Chance are at his qualifying debate tournament today – since John wasn’t sure he could judge (not to mention the hard week), Grandma stepped up to the plate and signed up to judge for the very first time. I’ve heard from her that it is going well and she’s having fun. She even sent the picture below – Chance smiling, Whoo-hoo! And where is Jack? He had Academic Conversations yesterday and then stayed to celebrate Josh and Kyles birthday. He got home earlier this afternoon, too late to attend Opening Day but happy and tired. 

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