21Mar2015 CHSPE, IE and LL all in one day

All acronyms in the title because all three boys had separate things to do on Saturday: Chance had an IE (Individual Events) tournament in San Francisco, Jack was taking the CHSPE (California High School Proficiency Exam) in Hayward and Luke had a Little League baseball game here in San Leandro. John got up about 5:30 am, got the big brothers up, dropped Chance off at Logan so he could catch the team bus, dropped Jack off at Hayward High School (after waiting a little so Jack wasn’t there all alone) and then came home to let the chickens out (he can almost never go back to sleep). Luke was up way too early – as is his usual when he has to be somewhere before noon – and we were nice and early for the ball game. Jack had made arrangements to meet the Schwarzers at the Fremont Bart station to go for a hike later, so just as I was thinking I should go home and grab a water bottle and his hiking shoes, he texted and said I should just come and get him. He felt pretty good about the exam, thought the writing topic was dumb (should driving age be different) and after running home to grab his stuff, he walked over to Bart while I returned to the game.

I’m not completely sure I like the Minor A league, there seems to be much more of an emphasis on winning than the Minor B league last year. The kids are encouraged to steal bases (many times players don’t catch the throw so stealing a lot is a good strategy) but it seems to me to take advantage of less skill with catching and throwing than anything else. If I had known, I might have asked that he be kept on a Minor B team. Oh well, too late now, and Luke likes his coach Eddie Hernandez very much. He’s much more involved than last year’s coach and really puts them through their paces every practice and game. Luke did end up driving a couple of runs in, and was tired by the end (that sun was hot!) and actually ended up under the weather Sunday morning (a lazy day for everyone). 

And Chance came home around 8-ish, having progressed to the semi-finals but no further, and thus no state competition in Extporaneous Speaking. He’s going in other events (Policy and Impromptu) so he’s happy. Oh, jack got home around 6, getting in a good hike. He leaves Saturday for the college tour, oh my, where does the time go?



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