23March2015 Cold and bored at baseball practice

Maybe being able to write blog posts from my phone isn’t the best idea – I can write anytime and anyplace and for any reason! Anyway, I am at Luke’s baseball practice at John Muir and it is windy and cold. I finally got smart about the seating though – brought a camp chair so I don’t have to sit on the cold and uncomfortable and rickety bleachers. I think Luke enjoys the practices more than the games, no pressure, just pure fun playing and throwing and hitting. 

Chance is at home working and getting pizza stuff ready for dinner and Jack went into work with Dad since he had to take his Statistics final in person at Foothill College. He’s getting tired of these early mornings, he usually doesn’t get up until after 9 am, sometimes later.  

Mostly a day at home – Luke and I did make a CostCo run and I’m whipping the new QSS website into shape, but no homeschooling (on a deadline) unless you count Luke working on his inventions all day, including a fire-starter invention that he works on in the backyard. Oh, and reading to Cioca and listening to his storytapes. Luke loves when Mama gets busy!



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