31Mar2015 Away baseball game – in Hayward!

Grandma and I are watching Luke’s baseball game in south Hayward – an away game at the Treeview Athletic Field. He had gotten picked by Elizabeth and Ian around noon; so we headed to San Lorenzo to pick him up and then the freeway to find the baseball field. Luke was worried about time, so changed into his baseball uniform in the car, WITH the seatbelt on. Clever. 

We were just in time for the 5:30 pm start time, although they never start on time, and they are now playing. Chance’s school isn’t far from here, so we might pick him up on the way home – have to make sure to let him know not to finish all the leftover pizza if he takes Bart home. John brought home a rare treat – Chicago pizza with soy cheese – and there are only 3 pieces left for Chance and Luke. Danger, danger, Will Robinson!

Otherwise, Jack is in Massachusetts, John went to work, and I am starting to move new members onto my new homeschool community website. It’s private; otherwise I would share the link. The name is Quicksilver Sea; quicksilver to stand for the gifted kids and sea to stand for community. It has kept me busy for the last 3 months learning Drupal and then Open Atrium, but it is so worth it. More on that later – here are some pictures:



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