The Third College of the Trip – March 31st

We stayed at the historic Middlebury Inn last night, very loud floors but generally a nice hotel. We didn’t have quite an early start as yesterday but we went to a 10:00 information session which was similar to the one at Bowdoin. Straight after that, we went on a tour of the campus. The campus was spread out, even more so than Bowdoin. Their athletics center was very impressive, everything except the football field was indoors but it had a pool, squash courts, a soccer field, a rock climbing wall and tennis courts. 

The schwarzers know a student that goes to Middlebury so Will and I were able to sit in on a couple classes and the professors were wonderful. Most of the classes are quite small, 10-20 people so it’s possible to actually get to know your professors. 

We only had a short drive to Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts but we wanted to get in relatively early so we left Middlebury at around 5:30.

I didn’t take too many but here is one of the pictures of a campus building: 


A more impressive mountain on the way to Williamstown:  


And I tried get a picture of a nice sunset during the trip: 


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